System Information & Installation

Three-part process as follows

Built with 4 stringers that are to be described as left part 1 and right part 2.

Left has 2 stringers with fixed tread/riser pre-attached to them, right has same.

Central is non-attached tread/risers that are not attached described as part 3.

The width adjustment is from minimal 35" up to 60" and has attachment's that allow additional widths.

Once on-site system is installed in 3 steps:

1. On left part 1 is installed to fixed wall side

2. On the right part 2 is installed to desired width

3. Central part 3 is then attached to complete install

Fall protection


Safety railing post install into the below tread


With a simple drop and twist the post installs.

Rails then attaches to the post using Kee Klamp Safety connectors to complete the safety fall protection. for more information.


The finished railing is also provided and is installed in same brackets

as safety rail post.

All installation hardware is inclusive

Simplistic instructions are provided

System installed by our team with training available for builder


Next, we will soon have assistance with 2d/3d details that include automation and structural detail

​See below Triser deflection in progress

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Feel free to contact us with questions and comments